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Info for Students

Info for Students

What kinds of programs are available?
  • Exchange programs
  • Traditional study abroad programs
  • Study abroad programs that include a service-learning component
  • Internships--Students gain practical work experience in their desired career area.

Explore WOU's world map to find available locations.

Why is an international experience important?
  • Experience a different culture.
  • Meet people from around the world.
  • Increase independence and self-confidence
  • Explore places you’ve only read about
  • Enhance your educational experience
  • Enrich your coursework
  • Demonstrate to prospective employers and graduate schools that you are resourceful, adventurous, internationally-minded, and diverse.
  • Improve your foreign language skills.
  • Learn more about your own culture from a different perspective.
  • Realize a dream.

Where do I live while I'm abroad?
The housing options are unique to each program site.  Depending on the program, you might live
  • with a host family
  • in a residence hall
  • in an apartment.

What is an international internship?
  • Participate in a supervised, practical, international work experience, ranging from ten weeks to six months, and earn up to 12 WOU credits while doing so. 
  • Choose from nearly 300 internships in Africa, Americas, Asia, Oceania, Europe
  • Select from a variety of professional areas—art and culture, business and trade, education, engineering, environment, government, health and social services, journalism, pre-medical, NGO’s and development, and more.
  • Gain relevant professional experience.
  • Apply your coursework to real-life challenges.
  • Learn from practicing professionals.
  • Strength foreign language and cross-cultural skills.
  • Explore and pursue new international opportunities.

WOU works with several outstanding internship providers.

Internships vary in length from 4 weeks to 6 months. Students earn academic credit for their participation and have a WOU professor of record who evaluates their internship portfolio and assigns the grade for the internship. Typically, 30 hours of work equals 1 quarter credit. A 12 credit internship would require 360 hours of work. In addition to the actual work, students complete the WOU internship requirements in addition to any requirements the internship provider may have.

What else do I need to know about WOU’s international programs?
  • Use your financial aid.
  • Remain a WOU student, earning WOU credit when participating in a program WOU offers.
  • Apply your study abroad or international internship credits to your WOU academic program.  Most credits will fulfill major, minor, LACC, or elective requirements.
  • Choose an English-speaking program or internship or choose one where you can improve your language skills.
  • Go abroad for just a few weeks, a quarter, a semester, or a whole year.

What if I want an international career?

Consider choosing WOU’s international studies major or minor and prepare yourself for a challenging and rewarding career.  Employers are looking for people with intercultural and second language competencies.

What if I want to participate in a study abroad or internship program that WOU doesn’t offer?
If you cannot fulfill your academic requirements or specific related professional goals by participating in the international programs WOU currently offers, you may complete a Petition to Participate in a Non-WOU Program.  Because WOU offers a wide array of programs that meet the majority of students' academic requirements and career-related goals, thoroughly review the programs that are offered at prior to petitioning.

What if I want to earn credit through WOU for the following:  eligible WOU-sponsored non-credit international programs or international programs not sponsored by or affiliated with WOU? Examples include research, service learning, special projects, internships, etc.

You will need to complete a form called an International By Arrangement, receive the appropriate WOU approvals, pay your tuition and fees, and meet the WOU requirements for students going abroad.