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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
Program Description:
Spend a semester or year studying Spanish abroad in a vibrant setting, both inside and outside of the classroom. On Semester at University of Barcelona, you’ll soak up all that this uniquely Catalonian/European/Spanish/international cultural hub of the Mediterranean has to offer. Start getting excited to study abroad in Spain:

Amazing street scenes and a culture that thrives outdoors - From the pedestrian street Las Ramblas, where you’ll find everything from impressive street performers to bird vendors, to the beautiful beaches. If you’re not outside in the pleasant climate of Barcelona, you’re missing out! 

Impressive architecture and history in a city that identifies as  Barcelona/Catalonia/Europe/Spain/international – And most would agree in that order...However Barcelona self-identifies, you can’t deny its cultural and historical heritage: Barcelona is home to more World Heritage sites than any other city in Europe. There are thousand of points of architectural, cultural and historical interest, so don’t expect to see (or rather, notice) them all! Those of international fame that have left their impressive marks in Barcelona include Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, and Antoni Gaudí. But that’s just scratching the surface!  

An academic program that emphasizes Spanish language and culture - Studying Spanish in Barcelona is the best way to improve your language skills. You can also take content courses in Spanish, such as Spanish Cinema, Current Spain: Society and Institutions, Spanish for Business, and and over a dozen more. Spanish language courses are offered at all levels, with multiple sub-levels and a distinction between “grammar” and “functional” content. If you want to give your Spanish brain a short rest, you can also choose from a couple electives taught in English.  

We include fun group social and cultural activities – All CISabroad programs in Barcelona group you with all our participants on-site to enjoy social, cultural and adventure-based activities together. We will take you to a Catalan cooking class, a flamenco show, and the Spanish cinema. We’ll also take you on one weekend trip in Spain, with possibilities including Costa Brava, Granada, or Madrid.  But you'll also have the opportunity to participate in several optional excursions, so you'll have a full study abroad in Spain experience. Chances are you’ll appreciate living in Barcelona more even after seeing the amazing sites in other parts of Spain!


The curriculum offered on the Semester at University of Barcelona (UB) is unique and offers a wide variety of subjects that allows all students to become familiar with Spanish culture and society. You’ll take courses alongside fellow study abroad students from the U.S. and around the world.

GPA Required:  2.5. If you find your GPA is lower than the requirement, don’t despair! Use the "Contact a CISabroad Advisor" above and to the right or call us to let us know your situation. We'll do all we can to find the right program for you.

How to choose your courses:

The following instructions guide you through the course selection process, which is an essential part of your CISabroad application. Please review the details below before submitting your Course Selection Worksheet. 

You’ll take the following assortment of classes: 

1. 1 course from Spanish Language: Grammar & Conversation (110 contact hours)
2. 2 or 3 courses from Spanish Culture subjects, taught in English or Spanish (45 contact hours each)

(15 contact hours = 1 semester credit).  

Course Load: 3-4 courses per semester (12-15 US credits)

Course approval: Before you go abroad, it is best to get 6–7 classes approved by your Academic Advisor for your semester program. This gives you some flexibility in setting up your class schedule. Think about courses required for your major, but also courses that fulfill your elective requirements.

Course Description and Catalogue:

There are two main themes of the curriculum at the UB:

1. Instrumental Spanish Language for Specific Aims (Spanish Language: Grammar and Conversation)
2. Spanish Culture and Society (Spanish Culture, taught in English or Spanish)

All classes offered at the UB are categorized under one of these two areas.  Those classes are then divided into two different subjects for each quarter.  Students can register for full courses (the two different subjects) as well as independent subjects.  

Example: the course “Current Spain: Society and Institutions” becomes “Knowing Spain today: Society, Politics and Culture” in the first quarter of the course and becomes “Yesterday and today in Contemporary Spain” in the second quarter of the class.

Classes are organized in accordance with your Spanish comprehension.  Although it is best to have a good background in the Spanish language, beginners are also welcome!  Just be prepared to speak the language and take all of your courses in Spanish!  However, if you are at a beginner or lower intermediate level, you may only register for the recommended courses suited for your level. 

1. Spanish Language Courses (click for syllabi)
2. Spanish Culture Courses (click for syllabi)

Spanish Culture Subjects recommended for any level:

Catalan Language and Culture
Current Spain: Society and Institutions
History of Spanish Modern and Contemporary Art
South America: Painting, Cinema, Literature and Music
Spanish Cinema

Spanish Culture Subjects taught in English:

Barcelona, Mediterranean Metropolis
Spain’s Economy: Highlights

Spanish Culture Subjects recommended for all beginning and elementary levels:

Everyday Spoken Spanish
Reading of Short Texts
Spain & Europe: Origins and Evolution
Spanish Conversation
Spanish Geography

Subjects recommend for intermediate and advanced levels:

Female Writers
General Modern & Contemporary Spanish History
History of Ancient and Medieval Spanish Art
Spanish to Negotiate in Professional Contexts
Spanish for Economy and Business
The Writer & the City
Writing in Spanish

Please note, it is important to submit your course registration page (provided to you by CISabroad upon acceptance) as early as possible, as courses tend to fill up very quickly at the Universitat de Barcelona and your first choices may not be available if you delay too long. Please plan ahead to get your course choices approved at your home university so you can have them ready to submit after you are accepted to the program.

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Fall 2019 07/15/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Spring 2020 10/01/2019 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.